This project and the teacher caricature were probably the two most difficult projects for me to do all quarter. i could not figure out how to draw a flying squirrel every time i tried even trace one it came out looking really funky, i don't even like the one i ended up with in this image. i just got to frustrated with trying to make them to keep going. i added the toaster because jb's superpower was to be able to talk to electronics, and the toaster was as far as my electrical drawing abilities are able to cover. overall the image is very childlike which makes it interesting to me. it's very flat but i like it. it's definitely not my most favorite piece ever and i know i can do a lot better than this but there's something i like about it.
This is the final image i turned in for the caricature of joanne. It changed a lot from the original image as i worked with it more. i found that i liked working in illustrator a lot more than i liked photoshop, so in illustrator i trace over her picutre but left that face transparent so her actual features would show through, because by tracing her face was looking pretty bad for a while. i feel like there is still something not quite right about the whole color scheme but i haven't been able to pinpoint it yet i'll still try to figure it out i think. I also wish i had included a cat in this image because they are really important to her and i don't think the image is complete without one.
So this is what my self portrait ended up looking like. I'm still not completely happy with it but i like it a lot better now than i did when i first turned it in. i think the film border helps complete it and make it cohesive but i think the actual image area still needs to be altered and the over all color needs to be changed
So this is the caricature of joanne that i first turned in. It's still really rough and not exactly what i wanted i wish i would have included something about painting because that is a big part of who she is. i do like the cat on the top of the page but i think overall the whole piece needs cleaned up and i need to find a new way to alter the image